Sang and Charmain Yun

Sang and Charmain were at Yale during a time when most students didn't use email, when Rose Walk was a regular thru street, and when Swing Space was a parking lot. Sang graduated from Yale with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies in 1993 and with an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1996. Charmain graduated from Yale with a double major in Sociology and East Asian Studies in 1995. They married in 1996 and have made New Haven their home since then. They have a son, Jonathan (age 14), and two daughters: Kaylen (age 11), and Navia (age 8). They both joined staff with the ministry in 1998 and have been directing it for the last 15 years. Charmain works part time with YSC and also part time at Columbus House, a homeless shelter and service provider in New Haven.

Lara Takasugi

After graduating from Yale in 2010, Lara couldn't part with New Haven and Yale. She spent a year as in intern with Yale Students for Christ and joined full-time staff in 2011. She majored in history since those were the only classes that could keep her attention for the full hour and 15 minutes of lecture, and the only readings she looked forward to doing. She loved her four years as a part of the Yale Women's Club Soccer family, and hopes for any opportunity to kick the ball around - on the beach, street, or field. (She doesn't know what else to write in these bios without it sounding like an online dating profile) She has three pet cows: Bruce, Kirby, and Clarence. (Not pictured here. She doesn't know that cow.)

Sarah Rosales

Sarah graduated in 2014 after studying philosophy, psychology, and religion. As an undergrad, she played club volleyball, sang in the gospel choir, led backpacking trips for incoming freshmen as a FOOT leader, and invested in her college, Calhoun. It brings her joy to see her brother, who followed her out from the Bay Area of California to be a Hounie. She began to love New Haven after exploring it by running and joining a church that cares deeply for the city. The ocean makes her feel free, and she will excitedly take students into nature anytime.

Alex Schurman

Alex graduated in 2014, having studied electrical engineering and computer science. After graduating, he spent a year in Seattle working for Microsoft where he learned how neat database systems are and how incredible it is to live near mountains. Now he's excited to be back in New Haven to serve this community that greatly impacted his life. He gets a little too excited about old books, and he would love to play jazz like Clifford Brown someday, but since he hasn't touched a trumpet in years he'll have to settle for singing badly in the shower and hoping his neighbors don't hear.

Nancy Jiang

Nancy graduated in 2016 with a B. A. in History. During her time at Yale, she sang with an a capella group that performed 16th century music, and was on the chinese martial arts team where she spent three years trying to do a butterfly kick. Over the years, she’s learnt Chinese, Italian and Hebrew—her heart languages. She enjoys rock climbing outdoors and playing tennis. Though she grew up in a place that is sunny year-round, she loves New England winters and the piercing sharp enlivening cold. Her three indulgences are a good book, a good pot of tea, and a well-concealed act of mischief.

Baher Iskander

Baher came to Yale in 2012 expecting to go on to medical school. Soon enough, he started seeing that medicine was just one of many skills he can serve God with. And so, with just Physics left, Baher decided to discontinue the pre-med track and take more courses in history, religion, and politics. Baher's involvement in extracurriculars at Yale was generally limited to YSC. But beyond the Yale bubble, Baher interned at Elder Horizons, a delirium prevention program for the elderly (mainly out of his love for old people), and he also interned at IRIS, the local refugee resettlement agency. Outside Yale and New Haven, Baher travelled abroad every summer, visiting 12 new countries over his four years at Yale. For this coming year with YSC, Baher is excited to serve and to learn.