Sang and Charmain Yun

Sang and Charmain were at Yale during a time when most students didn't use email and when Rose Walk (in front of SML) was a regular city street. Sang graduated from Yale with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies in 1993 and with an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1996. Charmain graduated from Yale with a double major in Sociology and East Asian Studies in 1995. They married in 1996 and have made New Haven their home since then. They have a son, Jonathan (age 17), and two daughters: Kaylen (age 14), and Navia (age 11). They both joined staff with the ministry in 1998, and in 2019, Charmain transitioned to urban ministry and is currently working on her Master’s of Social Work.

Lara (Takasugi) Denney (and JMatt Denney)

After incredible growth and adventure in YSC as an undergrad, Lara has served full-time with the ministry since she graduated in 2010. She studied history in undergrad (savoring the stories of humans across time), loved her four years as a part of the Yale Women's Club Soccer family, and learned much from the many social justice-minded students around her. After never wanting to "pleasure read" as an undergrad, she's returned to loving books and reading (or nap-reading, as it often goes), from children's books about rascal pigeons or elephant and piggie friendships, to missionary biographies. Lara loves serving up coffee or tea and baked goodies in her apartment to offer a home away from home for students -- a refuge at a sunlit dining table, surrounded by green plants, under the gentle gaze of many cows. This past April, with the love and loud "whoops" of many beloved students, family, and friends, Lara and her husband JMatt got married. JMatt is currently a PhD student in political science, studying race and criminal justice.

Carolyn DeSchiffart

Carolyn graduated from Yale in 2018 with a degree in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Originally from Maine, she loves going to the ocean, hiking, and basically spending time in anything that closely resembles nature. During her four years at Yale, Carolyn worked with refugees and also planted trees around New Haven with the Urban Resource Initiative. This coming year, she is excited to serve the students at Yale and to witness what the Lord does on campus. In her free time, Carolyn also enjoys a good book, a hot cup of tea, and riding her bike to new places around the city.

Grace Niewijk

Grace, a cheery Midwesterner, was proud to graduate in 2018 with the first official class of Grace Hopper College at Yale. She majored in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry but couldn't abandon her creative side, so she focused on science communication and journalism. Grace enjoys conforming to stereotypes by obsessing over cheese and spending many hours in coffee shops. She spent a lot of her student life frustrated that she didn't have as much time as she wanted to invest in the people around her, so she's thrilled that people are so much of her job as a second-year intern! While in New Haven, she's continuing to sing with the Yale Gospel Choir, a musical and spiritual community that she loves very much. She's looking forward to sharing her passion for worship, service, and the Word in all sorts of different ways throughout the upcoming year.

Julie Zhu

Julie is a born and raised Delawarean, but spent the last six years in New Haven - first as a Yale student and now as a second-year intern with Yale Students for Christ. She is excited to be back on the college campus sharing the love of Christ and figuring out with others how faith intersects with school, career, family, music, art, interior design and more. Julie loves sitting in sun-lit (but temperature-controlled) places, sharing in a relaxed silence and/or raucous laughter with friends.

Kaleigh DeBowes

Kaleigh is a local resident, born and raised in the New Haven area, who is pleasantly surprised to be called back home and given the opportunity to serve students at Yale and UNH. She is a recent graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, where she studied Health Sciences. She was welcomed into Cru during her freshman year of college, and there encountered a community where friendships flourished, questions were answered, and faith was renewed. She was blessed by all who mentored her during this time, and is eagerly looking forward to walking alongside the students of Yale. Kaleigh loves to be adventurous - whether that involves hitting up a new restaurant, discovering a hidden niche of New Haven, or venturing out on a spontaneous trip. Here is her bucket list so far, and please feel free to input suggestions at any time: 1) Grab tacos at Long Wharf at least 5 times before the winter cold sneaks up in its lovely, unpredictable New England fashion. 2) Spend some time on the beach within the previously mentioned time frame. 3) Discover a dog park at which it is socially acceptable to arrive dog-less.